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Learn to fuel your body for better health and let go of rigid and restrictive food rules that keep you trapped in diet culture and limiting your life experiences.

Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder and need outpatient nutrition counseling? Are you transitioning out of a higher level of care and need ongoing nutrition monitoring? Think you might have disordered eating and need somewhere to start? Tired of dieting and need to change your relationship with food?  Then we need to meet. Providing nutrition counseling to treat eating disorders in Spokane, Washington is the focus of Michelle Weinbender Nutrition.


With the addition of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Jacie Van Blaricom, we can also treat clients for non-eating disorder diagnoses including blood sugar management, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues and general nutrition concerns. Jacie is credentialed with Premera and Kaiser Permanente insurance for virtual appointments to anyone in Washington state.


What you can expect: non-judgmental and compassionate care

What you will receive: practical and individualized information

What we value: connecting with people motivated for change

Our philosophy: non diet, all foods fit, intuitive and body accepting

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