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Nutrition Therapy

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Our first 60 minute session together will include a full assessment of your current eating patterns and we will discuss your concerns and outline your desires for our time working together. This assessment will include a review of your medical history, digestive health, exercise/movement, sleep patterns and stress levels.


As we get to know each other and as you feel comfortable sharing, we will explore past and present relationship with food, mental health history and body image concerns. Together, we will develop a plan that addresses these issues with evidence based nutrition guidelines as well as determining the frequency of our follow up visits and the level of support you prefer.



These weekly or every other week sessions are where the bulk of our work together happens. We will individualize your eating plan based on everyday experiences that are both challenging and supportive. You can expect these sessions to include unlearning diet rules, increasing variety and flexibility around food, noticing your body’s hunger and fullness cues and take steps to improve your relationship with food. From our work together, we will help you develop skills to tolerate discomfort and build confidence in the way you navigate nutrition information.

Work Desk
If we are meeting in person, we strive to make your time in the office welcoming and comfortable in a safe and secure setting. If we are meeting via telehealth, we will assure you feel comfortable in your surroundings before we begin to explore any personal information.


Please check if your plan covers Medical Nutrition Therapy or Nutrition Counseling (names used interchangeably). We are happy to bill your insurance and apply the payment for your visit.

Copays and coinsurance will be collected via secure online invoices after the insurance claim has cleared.


If we are not contracted with your insurance company or Nutrition Counseling is not covered by your plan, we accept cash or credit card for a fee of $140.00 per hour.

Receipts emailed via a secure link.

We are contracted with the following insurance companies:





United Healthcare


Molina (ages 20 & under)

Community Health Plan (ages 20 & under)

Coordinated Care (ages 20 & under)

Amerigroup (ages 20 & under)

Questions about insurance?

Please contact us!

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